Why Hire an Interior Designer?

Posted by on Jan 14, 2015 in Thoughts


As a designer there are so many experiences I would like to share here, so many observations I have made while executing projects, so many on site problems I’ve faced, so many … you get the point!

I guess it is best to start off at the very beginning, at a time before I had become a fully fledged designer. Back then I’d always wondered why people would want to hire an Interior Designer in the first place. I mean, to each his own tastes, his own choice of colors and design thoughts, right? What was it that I could contribute to the making of their home?

25 years back, when I’d started off, Interiors as a profession was still in the early evolutionary stages. People used to make fun of the field saying only crazy clients would spend on advice on buying things of their own choice! I would call it the dinosaur era of Interior design. Slowly (and thankfully) times have changed and interiors as a profession has greatly evolved. Today people understand the significance of taking professional help in aesthetically doing up their homes.

Coming back to the question, why hire an Interior Designer? It is a common perception that hiring an Interior Designer is only for the rich and the famous or for those who have a bunch of extra money to expend on luxury.

Believe me, this is far from the truth! As strange as it may sound, hiring an Interior Designer could actually save you a lot of money! It could save you from making costly mistakes! An interior designer is equipped to accurately assess your requirements and make appropriate recommendations to employ your budget in the best way possible. Designers save you a lot of time and effort, acting as a bridge between you and the contractors. But what really differentiates a designer from a layman is his ability to visualize end results much before starting work on the site!

A designer envisions and plans spaces, mixing beauty with functionality. They balance aesthetic considerations with structural planning to reflect the clients’ lifestyle, set the desired mood to complement the home’s architectural features while ensuring that the essential but unattractive details (such as the electrical outlets and air vents) fit into the overall scheme. Critical relationships are cultivated with artisans and vendors who form an integral part of the entire process.

To sum it all up, a designer is a professional with a trained eye to tell right from wrong when it comes to dealing with spaces. Interior design is a delicate culmination of skill and art that one develops over time, an ability that helps enhance spaces and the quality of your life. While discussing design with a professional, one usually tends to explore new ideas and breach new boundaries of imagination while effectively transforming their house into a home.