In today’s world, an urban modern look for your home is a great choice because you can easily define what urban design means to you. This residential project focuses on geometric patterns, subdued lighting and mostly straight lines. In terms of colour palettes, it is a combination of grey, wood and black with pops of pastel shades.

The foyer has a lot of natural elements including greenery and wood finishes while the bookshelf has a more rugged finish. The living room is airy and geometric patterns dominate the wall.

The family lounge is an extension of the living room and is leads to bedrooms.

The dining area overlooks the kitchen and both spaces have wood finishes with ceiling lights to give it a classy feel.

The master bedroom is minimal,with wood flooring and wood finish walls.

The kids’ rooms are distinct with charcoal black matte finishes and pastel pinks in the girl’s room.

The boy’s bedroom is dominated by white with splashes of green and has a minimalist feel with straight lines and layered shelves.

The parents’ bedroom has a combination of elements including rugged, antique finishes, patterned walls and wood flooring.

The home theatre is classy and cozy and makes for a perfect family room with a bookshelf and a drop down screen.
The study is spacious with sufficient storage space.


Category: Residential
Location: Hyderabad

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