Appoint Supervisor: Basis requirement, a site supervisor or incharge is appointed on the site and all material procurement, logistics, workmen issues are handled by the supervisor.

Appoint Contractors: Contractors with specific specialization are hired basis requirement of work for every individual execution works like Carpentry, Electrical & Plumbing.

Timelines: An estimated timeline is given to the client post discussion with all individual contractors, site supervisor, designer and the client.

Project management: Timely updates are sent to the client regarding all budgetary expenses, man-hours spent on site, progress of work to understand the direction of completion of agreed work.

Project Final inspection: Project is declared complete by the designer and supervisor post which there is a detailed internal inspection of all parameters and a pre-agreed checklist is verified.

Project handover: Site is handed over to the client post inspection. Supervisor to be available to the client for a period of 15days to iron out all possible issues which may arise post completion.