5 ideas to spruce up your kitchen!

Posted by on Jul 31, 2017 in Design

Do you like cooking up a storm in your kitchen? For a lot of people, spending time in the kitchen is therapeutic while your kids might  like to hang around tasting the food you make. Either way, we end up spending a lot of time eating or cooking.  But dull and drab colours with boring cabinets aren’t the way to go.

The Design-ism team has you covered with some cool ideas that can help you revamp your kitchen!

Bright colours!


Bright and unusual colours are the way to go if you want your kitchen to look as classy as the rest of your home. Paint the inside of your cabinets for a pop of colour whenever you open it or give the walls a makeover with shades of blues and greens. Bright colours make your kitchen look large and airy. Don’t want to paint your entire kitchen? Have a single accent wall that will highlight the rest of your kitchen.


Fun elements

Just like your kids want Spider-Man or Barbie themed stuff in their rooms, you should add some fun elements to your kitchen whether it’s a cute clock, hanging light fixtures or even something as simple as new handles for your cabinets and drawers.

Create space to dine


Most kitchens and dining rooms are in different parts of the house and unattached, but if you want to have a quick meal without the fuss of a fancy dining experience, an island is a great idea. Your kids can grab their after school snack or it can simply add another dimension to your kitchen. It could be a bar style island, a large counter or even a regular table with chairs.

Use utensils as décor

Your cutlery and utensils don’t have to always be the monotonous steel ones. Get some colourful utensil holders and containers. This is a simple but great way to brighten your kitchen if you don’t want to paint the walls or cabinets. Small potted plants or even appliances with vivid shades light up your kitchen.

 Light up your kitchen

The biggest problem with most kitchens is the lack of proper lighting making it look dreary. Install some recessed lights to give your kitchen an overall ambient feel or pendant lights that are perfect for dining spaces.

Whether it’s the little elements to add glamour to your kitchen or a complete makeover, it’s easier to decorate if you have a theme or colour scheme in mind. Modern and bright or rustic and vintage or simply just pastels and colour blocking, there are countless ideas and Design-ism is your one stop shop for all things design!